Mildew & Blackout



Blackout of the plastic, chrome and aluminum auto-trim will immediately transform your car overall look. Faded or corroded plastic trim will make any car look rundown.

Auto Trim Dr. can also blackout chrome & aluminum trim to give completely black look. See pictures below…

Here are some trim parts that can look bad: B-pillars, Bumpers, Side Mirrors, Door Handles, Door panels and window trim. The good thing is we can quickly fix it all in couple off hours.  The results are guaranteed to be stunning.   

Sample pictures of faded, peeling, moldy and corroded trim:

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Before & After pics:

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mildew removal Blackout of plastic trim 187C5ECD-8C27-44B7-8006-1B5FE266B2529E9A10F0-6CD5-4605-A6B0-643299595B0F